The child theme uses the functionality of another theme, known as the parent theme. You can use the child theme to modify or add to the functionality of the parent theme, rather than making modifications to the parent theme files directly. No matter what changes you would like to make, using a Child Theme is the safest, easiest and most flexible way to make modifications.

What are the main benefits of using a Child Theme?

  • It gives you the ability to update your Knacc theme with the latest version, without losing the changes and customisations you have made. If you modify the parent theme, your changes will be lost with the update. It is important that you are prepared for updates, as they may affect and improve on security and functionality of the theme
  • It speeds up development time
  • It is a good way for someone to learn the basics of theme development

If you would like more information on Child Themes and How to Create One, check out the WordPress Codex here.