We know the importance of being able to customise a theme to your own style and taste. That’s why our themes are child theme ready.

We have tried to get the correct balance of providing the right number of theme options for you to customise the theme as you need and at the same time not include an overly excessive number of theme options that slows the theme down and adds unneeded weight.

If you need to make a very small CSS customisation, then you could add this code to the Custom CSS field within the General theme options.

However its far better for any major customisations, to use a child theme. Child themes are very clever and you can read about how they work here https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

The theme comes child theme ready so all you need to do is go to AppearanceThemesand activate the theme’s child theme. (If you don’t see it make sure you have uploaded it to the themes directory along with the theme’s parent theme).

Once the child theme is activated then you can start adding your custom CSS in the style.css file within the theme’s child theme folder. To modify page templates duplicate the file from the parent theme into the child folder and this version will override the parent and show any customisation you make. Nice!

The main purpose of using a child theme is that it allows you to update the parent theme with future updates without losing or overwriting any of your customisations. This is very much recommended.