To set-up your profile page simply create a page (if you haven’t done already) and in the Page Attributes box select the Profile Template. When you do this, additional fields will magically appear for adding your profile page content.

  • Profile Name - Add your name here!
  • Job Title / Occupation - Add your current job title or occupation here (will not display if left blank)
  • Profile Icons - Here you can add social icons (or any other icons) or just some line of text, e.g. ‘Hire Me’. To add icons that are links to your social network accounts simply paste the icon HTML in like this:
    <a href="account-link-goes-here"><i></i></a>

    For a list of all of the available knacc icons and their names see here.

  • Featured Text - Here you can add some featured text that really stands out. It could be a quote or some short bio text to describe who you are.
  • Profile Image - Here you can add a profile image, this replaces the default profile placeholder image.
  • Featured Image - Add a profile background image by adding an image to the default featured image meta box on the right.